The process of Interbecoming

A path forward for anyone who dares to dream of a healed world.

Ernesto van Peborgh
3 min readFeb 21, 2024

Once you truly grasp the experience of Interbeing, your perception shifts fundamentally. You begin to see the world not as a collection of isolated entities but as a vibrant, interconnected web of life.

This realization awakens your imagination and your entire being to the intricate dance of existence, where every species, every life form, contributes to the vast intelligence of the Earth that, in turn, nurtures our own.

In today’s world, where the biodiverse tapestry of the planet is disappearing at an alarming rate, understanding and embracing the concept of Interbeing becomes not just philosophical but a vital necessity. The loss of life forms and the violation of planetary boundaries compel us to reconnect with the interconnectedness of all life. The closer we get to understanding other life worlds, the more we realize that what binds us together far outweighs what sets us apart.

Embodying and knowing these other life worlds fosters deep empathy and care, guiding us toward wise actions in any given situation.

Interbeing, therefore, is about restoring our relationship with the world. It challenges the narrative of separation and the illusion of the solitary self, teaching us that we are not isolated individuals but parts of a whole, connected by a social mycelium network.

Interbecoming goes beyond merely acknowledging our interconnectedness.

This realization leads us to Interbecoming, a concept that goes beyond merely acknowledging our interconnectedness. Interbecoming is about actively participating in the evolution of this wholeness, about rolling up our sleeves and getting involved. It’s about living embodied relationships with oneself, with others, with the community, and with nature.

Direct first-person experience is crucial for this journey. Unlike passive appreciation of the world’s beauty, which is undoubtedly wonderful, Interbecoming calls for active participation. It’s about being in service of life, embracing the Sanskrit concept of SEVA. This active engagement helps us chip away at the story of separation, urging us to surrender ourselves to the flow of life.

The courage to step up and engage with the world actively is what we need now more than ever. We need people willing to immerse themselves fully, to connect with the wholeness of nature, and to participate in the collective evolution of our planet. Interbeing connects us to the whole; Interbecoming is evolving with “the” wholeness. Our “own” wholeness depends on the nature we strive to make whole.

How do we connect with the wholeness of Nature?

So, how do we make ourselves whole? It begins with active Becoming, or Interbecoming — an active role in contrast to passive kinship. This journey is about more than mere understanding; it’s about embodiment and action. It’s a call to move beyond the sidelines, to weave ourselves into the fabric of life, and to co-create a future that honors the interconnectedness of all beings.

In this pivotal moment in history, embracing Interbeing and Interbecoming is not just an option but a necessity.

It is the path forward for anyone who dares to dream of a healed world, a world where the false illusion of separation is dissolved, and where we recognize, finally, that our fates are shared, intertwined with the fate of the planet itself.

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